It’s true to say I have been de-cluttering our house constantly for several years now. I have loaded full skips of unwanted rubbish over the last 3 years at least & just this summer past I paid nearly £150 to a very nice  man with a van (a large one) to empty the entire contents of my carport; where I had deposited unused and unwanted items from house and garden during the year prior – filling the carport to bust its seams!!

Right now I have a good car load of rubbish sat in my kitchen that is tip bound tomorrow if my husband will let me fill the back seat of his car with crap, which has arisen from my very busy de-clutter session today.

These days has seen a definite slow down in the outflow of clutter, but we still seem to have a house filled with ‘stuff’.

By nature, we are a household of hoarders. My husband says he isn’t, but he’s every bit as bad as the rest of us.  I know i’m bad and I’m sentimental – that, and I always believe I’ll find a use one day for even the most stupid item.

I always wished I had one of those artfully matched homes you see in magazines – the ones with perfectly placed soft furnishings, rooms with no TVs, smelly dogs or marks on the wall left by a daft pigeon who fell down the chimney.

But you see I love my smelly dogs, the family like the TV and that pigeon really did flap soot all over my lounge as it careered into every wall before knocking itself out long enough to be retrieved.

However part of my plan for my new year is to step up the de-clutter in terms of dumping hoarded artefacts – if nothing else, it makes housework quicker and it feels cathartic. However, I don’t want sterile minimalism – instead I want a tasteful balance between function and homeliness.

My house not only lacks chic, but it also has no personality I’ve realised and one aim for my new year is to see our personality reflected properly in the place we live; that, and a clearer demarcation between our home and our business – which has a terrible habit of seeping where it doesn’t belong!

No more hoarding

Instead keeping only those things that makes us, ‘us’

This isn’t about redistributing boxes of items – but involves  music, colour, comfort – making our house reflect the householders. Something I have never  got the hang of. I somehow want to do it without cluttering back up with knick-knacks.

I also don’t intend to do it by buying it pre packaged. This isn’t about wading through John Lewis and buying a stylish room – we don’t have the money for starters. But I want this to be about having a care for our house, something I seemed lately to have lost the desire to do. I want our home to looked loved.

Almost 2 years ago my eldest son left home – but left a trail of items he said he would one day collect, and I dutifully allowed them to stay – only I realised that my daughter, who still lives with us, appeared to be squatting amongst his various possessions. So first on my agenda was to reclaim this ‘space’ and begin to make my daughter’s bedroom look like it truly is hers.

He, who now has his own house has been issued with a choice – collect or donate to charity. He has the Christmas holiday to decide. This feels like a good place to start my quest – both daughter and youngest son’s bedrooms both felt they didn’t belong to them, as they seemed to be surrounded by another persons unwanted possessions – that neither seemed fair, nor is it attractive – their bedrooms are a mess really, and don’t feel personal spaces for them at all.

So this is going my first port of call,

But I have cast my disgruntled eye around the whole house – and if nothing else, this could be a very busy year


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