Goal Setting 2017

I’m glad 2016 is gone; pretty much I’m no fan of the big New Year hoo ha – an arbitrary date line drawn in the sand and we all have resolutions to be a better person . But in fairness I can’t deny it does  give  an opportunity to draw that line and say ‘enough already’; and did me and my husband ever need the opportunity? – On a material, business level this was our annus horribilis to top a run of 3 annuses!!

It’s not finished yet – we have some way to go, but we both feel (without going in to any of the boring and v lengthy detail) that the first half of this year will see it end. For good or bad, and both expect it to be tumultuous.

Both of us agree that strategies to handling stress only work permantly if you are the cause of it; if the stress is from external agencies   – then the best thing you can do is have mechanisms in place to deflect it, like a fragile force field created by a novice wizard.

Up to recently I didn’t have any force field in place whatsoever and consequently feel completely battered, the car accident just before Christmas just seemed to be another  blow in a series of body blows that I seemed to have taken; and so it wasn’t just whim that had me contemplating the changes I wanted to make to my 2017 – the little things I wanted to establish in my life, that would become my personal guide stones through the belt of rocks that life may feel like pelting my way.

Honestly, my goals are small but they are for me – like little daisies in a thorny overgrown scrub patch.

  1. I’ve already mentioned my first – yoga and meditation practice daily. Through out January in the first instance, but I hope this becomes routine.
  2. As soon as my arm is out of it’s cast – fingers crossed (no pun intended) running will recommence – the sole thing that made 2016 bearable was that I found fitness and loved it.
  3. Bees – I have scrubbed out my old hive (unused for 8 years – unforgiveable) and I intend to replace broken/missing pieces; find a place for it to be set up and then find some bees. More on this later.
  4. Grow my little Etsy shop. I set up the shop late on last year and it needs stocking. I love crafting, and this more than anything salves my soul – creating. So I decided to combine my love of doing with a need to fund the plethora of activities I like doing (including the bee keeping which can be costly)
  5. Nourish my soul – this is a w-i-p and there will be much more detail on this point in the weeks to come. But the core reason behind this is I know my life has become barren and soulless – too much energy is taken up with the material world – to my personal detriment.
  6.  Nurture the place we live – make our home and garden loved.

I think ideally I want my home to be a sanctuary from an unkind world – a place we can escape to, instead of it just being as extension of business – an arrid place where we just exist. Because that is how I have been thinking of it.

These are my goals

This is where my blog here will be taking me – charting the progress, the change – and hopefully in so doing, start to restore my soul.

Happy New Year xx


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