Those cutey little gentlemen in black velvet.

We have one in residence.

He has obliterated my lawn.

We aren’t avid gardeners, and I suppose my ambivalence to actually dealing with him left our garden wide open to tunnel heaven – and as more and more hills of soil appeared all over the lawn, and spilled on to the path ways; I realised he wasn’t going to play fair and stick to the bottom of the garden.

Push something stinky down the tunnels I was told – so we tried parmesan cheese, they hate that apparently. Not this one!

So my sister said she had read that dog poo forced down in to the tunnels would work – but honestly I couldn’t face the idea that I had turds submerged all over the garden.

It is starting to become quite anti social – it’s the middle of winter, the ground is soggy and my dogs go padding around the lawn and are endlessly trailing mud back in to the house because the lawn is all but decimated.

My husband isn’t feeling the love

We have a mole hunter coming with traps this week.

I have read that Moles don’t hibernate, so since Xmas the mole hills have flattened and I was hopeful he had gone – I actually asked him to leave and so for the last month or so – he appeared to have done just that.

But the mole trapper said that we likely have a new mole – that the mole we had before Xmas has died, because he would expect new mole hills each day, so the lull in mole hill production only to have suddenly re started again, suggests to him a new resident has moved in.

He also suggests moles once established can be difficult to get rid of – if we trap this one, new ones could come along.

I have a feeling I am going to be burying those turds before long – to discourage another one!!!! Gross stuff.

and they are so very very cute

Feeling bad 😦





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