Back on the road – to fitness

Exercise wise, 2017 has been a disaster.

By this time last year I was already in a very healthy groove of checking my eating habits, I was a budding gym bunny and running was becoming something that I was becoming a bit evangelical about. I had 2 running routes and was really enjoying getting outside and embracing the elements.

Since before Christmas, the broken arm put paid to any activity, and then there was the crippling flu and I’ve just retrieved some mobility having  put my back out moving furniture! 3 months of enforced inactivity, crappy eating habits and just wallowing around – has had a not so positive effect on my weight, my mindset and my overall diet – I have had about 3 aborted attempts to get my Adidas supernova’s back on the road, and each time it was completely scuppered.

Today I did 1km – 1 km?????

It is better than my previous big fat zero km but it sucks to feel this out of shape so soon.

We have moved office (hence the putting my back out moving cabinets!!) – but now my back feels happily better, that means finding new running routes – and although today’s effort was a bit pathetic, it was nice to try out a new route and realise that there are a lot more opportunities for mixing it up a bit than where I was based previously – new views, new challenges. So it isn’t all doom and gloom.

I don’t know why, but setting  a new running route always causes me some stress – I get angsty until I am familiar with it – even if its an easy one; I don’t know how to pace myself, where the dips and peaks are and letting my body get used to anticipating each challenge along the way. I don’t like that about me, but there is no ducking it – I do it all the time.

So it is going to be a bit of an uphill struggle for me today even on the flat! Getting back in to my stride and liking where I run – but today was a start – I feel well and strong (ish) eventually and that is worth it’s weight in gold.

The gym membership went by the wayside long ago last year, I found it so boring – but I had promised myself at the new year, with all my new resolutions that this would be the year of yoga. That too, like the running has been on a permanent pit stop – but tomorrow that changes too!

And the eating?

I am not liking the enlarged and squishy middle of me at the minute, I feel inflated and it looks as bad as it feels – I think being good is very much the order of my life for some considerable weeks to come.

But it will be worth it.

Bring on the sunshine – I want to get those shorts out again!


The Flu Jab

Last Monday I woke up with a hot heaviness across my chest, by lunchtime I was back in bed and I haven’t moved since.

Last Wednesday night, I thought I might gasp my last but somehow managed to hang in there and saw another sunrise.

A bit dramatic? Actually no. Nothing about last week happened for dramatic effect,  I just had to lay and endure what appeared to be unending pain and misery.

Today, over a week later, I weakly managed to get to the shower, wash my hair, put on clean clothes and sit upright on the sofa -it felt alien to be back in the lounge amongst people – the land of the living.

Me in particular, but my husband as well really has taken a hit this winter with various viruses. But this was a bad one.

My youngest son took a photo of me midway through my marathon of misery last week – I was horrified when I saw it – I look to have aged 20 years and again I’m not saying this for effect – I look awful. And today feeling so much better having had a shower , the person I saw looking back at me in the mirror might have felt better but she looked hollow eyed, sallow – like a dried out husk.

I was just pleased to feel normalish – what I looked like could be worried about later I decided.

BUT – I was brought up short by my sister. She has for the last 8 years, gone along for the autumn flu jab – and apart from minor sniffles – never had anything more serious since.

I on the other hand can guarantee myself a couple of doses of something miserable every year. But this one, this was a league above and beyond what is ‘normal’ and I feel scared that I could have to endure another such bout this century.

I felt my age.

I felt that getting better was going to be difficult this time

I didn’t feel resilient

I don’t know why I have always shied away from the flu vaccine. Stupidly I thought it was something only really old people needed, and we all know the gazillion strains for flu virus there is – why would this thing work?

But my sisters stats sat there as some sort of testimony and as I thought about it, I really am always texting her saying we are ill with some bug or other wheras she’s been bomb proof.

Whatever deep secret distrust I have harboured about the flu jab – no more.

I have reached my personal crisis point – I can’t face this again. Its too late for this season, all I can do is hope I have had my quota and wait for the sunshine

But come Sept this year – I am going to be first in the queue.