I have a dream…I just need a £1000000

I genuinely have a philanthropic dream – I’m almost too gobsmacked to say it – usually I’m the least philanthropic person I know! Largely because my last name isn’t Roundtree or Fry – I don’t have a spare quid right now, let alone a million of ’em!!

But if I did have a spare million I do have a little project that I would sink it in to. So if you have a spare mil – and you fancy doing something lovely – then just drop me a line!

Sadly, I am not anticipating much of a flood and it’s rather a lot for crowd funding – so for now it will have to stay my little dream.

There is a 74 acre woodland for sale near to where I live and has been for sale for a long while – slap bang in the middle is a clapped out old house but it has planning permission for a statement piece house to be developed in the middle.

The woodland is completely private, no rights to roam, no footpaths or bridleways – completely private. It went up for sale months ago for almost £1.5millions – but has steadily come down in price to way under the million mark now – it is going to take a special buyer to want to take on an estate that large especially with nothing but a shack in the middle to start off with.

I would buy it. And my reasons are several-fold.

  1. I would love to manage and improve on a natural woodland
  2. I am constantly saddened to see massive chunks of land on the outskirts of village – prime farm land being – being nibbled away at by property developers who throw up mass produced housing, cramming in more houses than can be possibly healthy, in order to maximise profit.
  3. I am curious as to whether it would be possible to create a truly eco village, that doesn’t end up looking like Steptoe had moved in – that is symbiotic with its surroundings, and brings something wonderful to the community that would be able to live there.

My very own hobbit ‘shire’, a community of eco families who could live affordably and sustainably in a little Eden – a model for a future where land is lived on rather than concreted over.

I was genuinely interested in this Scottish ‘hutting’ project <here> – I had never heard of it until recently, nor the history of the Scottish huts which were envisaged as a retreat for the world weary after the war. I don’t imagine huts on my 74 acres exactly – but the principles of people/land/woodland/and eco simple living is exactly the same.

Wouldn’t it be something though? If it could be done?






How Wolves Change Rivers – the hand of the Creator

On the back of mentioning in my last post, how I came to realise, almost by accident that there is a name for my spiritual beliefs – I am a Deist.

Deism isn’t a religion, there is no holy book to follow – it is a philosophical stance and with all philosophies, there are no boundaries to how a person may choose to personally interpret that in which they believe.

For me – I believe in a creator. I suppose given I grew up in a loosely Christian society – my creator is inevitably Christian God-like overall.

Many years ago I renounced God when I renounced Jesus. But I remained uncomfortable having done it. But I could no longer carry on my spiritual life believing in the Church and I think that was my first mistake.

I embraced paganism – to find my spiritual centre wrapped in what I could see and experience seemed wholly more natural and the more I read the further from Christianity I strayed.

But I also felt a sense of betrayal – because in revering creation, wasn’t I by virtue acknowledging the hand of a creator?

For me the natural world, left to it’s own devices is in perfect balance – a chaotic but perfectly matched dance that is all too often meddled with by humankind.

The more I watched, the more I saw – really saw. It doesn’t take much effort to see how amazing our world is and for me that could not – I could not believe that it was happenchance that everything fit so perfectly.

I reject pure Darwinism – I admit it (sorry but I do)

and in doing so I reconnected with God.

If you have a spare 5 mins – then please watch this rather lovely video – how wolves change rivers – a little cameo story of how our world works in symbiosis and just marvel and it’s wondrousness.